We welcome all types of feedback about your experiences with Latrobe Lifeskills.


Feedback may include:


  • Compliments: These are things that you think we’re doing well or may be recognition of a person you work with. By telling us what you like, we can aim to continue to do these things and provide feedback to staff. 


  • Suggestions: Your ideas on how we can improve things or do things better can help us to improve our services and ensure they meet your needs and wants. 


  • Complaints: We want to know when you’re not happy about an experience you’ve had with Lifeskills. A complaint can be about a person, a service or something you have experienced. We will respond to any complaints received within three working days.





Like anyone, we love to hear when we've done a good job. Let us know if we've got something right!


We want to have a good experience at Lifeskills. If you're not happy about an experience that you've had, let us know.


How can Lifeskills be even better at assisting people with disability? We'd love to hear your ideas.


 Policies and Procedures

Information on Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure can be downloaded below:


Participant Complaints and Appeals Form

Participant Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure