The Sport Report

laughed, we cried, we got fit, but most of all -
we had fun.
 The Dream Team

The Dream Team

“Captaincy is 90% luck and 10% skill. But
don’t try it without that 10%,” said the late,
great Richie Benaud. The only problem with
the idea to introduce captains for team sports
was that every Participant wanted to prove
they had the magic 10% every single game.
Emotions ran high, but this didn’t detract
from Lifeskills’ general sporting prowess.
Each Participant has their individual talents:
Vasi, who occasionally blew into this class,
makes an assured umpire, Max’s batting
skills have improved hugely on the cricket
field, and Robin is not called Robin the
Wrecker for nothing, which is why he has
been instructed to bowl underarm at all
times. Nicholas enjoys fielding at deep
square leg and is excellent at gee-ing up his
teammates, Lauren and Laura are always
full of beans and are brilliant allrounders,
and Eki loves his basketball. George brings
the comic relief when things get heated
on the field, and Ben is starting to display
good leadership skills on and off the pitch.
Meanwhile Peter G and Stuart combine to
create a dynamic, high-scoring duo who left
this writer gasping for her Ventolin in one
particularly spirited game of soccer. Aside
from indoor cricket and football, table tennis
and racquet ball have also been popular
choices. But perhaps the most fun we had
all term involved an impromptu game of
tennis, when a dismal Autumn day suddenly
turned warm and sunshiny, making the idea
of staying inside seem like a crime against
well-being and general happiness. We
laughed, we cried, we got fit, but most of all -
we had fun. I look forward to running around
like a mad thing with the Participants next
term too. And yes, we will work on those
captaincy skills…
Alison Grinter - Instructor